Show #100 At Chapters Robson!

For over seven years, David M. has performed regularly, and sometimes irregularly, at Chapters Robson in Vancouver, B.C..

On Sunday, October 4th, 2009, at 2 P.M., M. reaches the nice round number of 100 performances.
So in addition to Olympic Fever, downtown Assport is now infected with Nice Round Number, Dave Fever.
Be there, or be not-so-nice-and-round!

2 thoughts on “Show #100 At Chapters Robson!

  1. I assume the little white creature takes sausages and milk and the black thing requires batteries. There is, after all, a little door at the rear where things could be inserted. Or do I have things backasswards? The swirls are hypnotic and hipnotic, me thinks. I wonder how many boogers have been trodden down by capitalist lackys into that poor carpet.

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