Why are there more musicians in a “Christmas Alone In No Fun City” than in a “No Fun At Christmas”?



M.’s musical Christmas feast will be graced with the presence of Pete Campbell (from “The Wardells”, not “Mad Men”), Ed Hurrell (from “The Stoolies” and “Stab ‘Em In The Abdomen”), and newbie Ashleigh Somerville (from “Smashleigh And The Luau”). Additionally, there will be the usual impromptu appearances by other members of the No Fun extended family (in 2009, Lester Interest, Ken Forster, and Dave Dedrick all participated), perhaps even a visit from Christmas Birthday Boy Ozzy, and with David M.’s typical amused-but-jaundiced approach to putting on a Christmas concert binding these disparate elements together in a veritable wassail bowl of EVERY HUMAN EMOTION POSSIBLE…I just realized that “David M.’s Christmas Alone In No Fun City” and any Jack Benny T.V. Christmas show are the same show.